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the biggest game-making event in the world!

On the 25th - 27th January 2019 we'll gather again for the biggest game making event in the world. During one weekend, over 200 game developers, game students and game/tech enthusiasts will gather to create great game ideas. During the event we will brainstorm and pitch ideas, divide into teams, and create as many games as possible within 48 hours.

Everyone is welcome, we need all kinds of skills - from programmers to game designers, artists and musicians. People with no previous experience are also encouraged to join us, share their perspective and learn more about game development. If this sounds like fun, check out our signup section!


Global Game Jam Hamar 2019 is held at the Inland Norway University of applied sciences. We’ll be welcoming you by the front entrance to the main campus building.

During the whole event, the school will be open to the participants. You may come and go as you wish, and if you don't want to leave at all that is fine. The location will be open 24-7 with guards available the whole time. There will be sleeping areas and food available at all times (bring your own sleeping bag and ground pads/sleeping mats).


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26-28 Jan. 2019
Age 18+
Tickets 100 NOK
Food provided!

We know for a fact that Global Game Jam Hamar won't be the same without you. If you want to meet a bunch of great people, or just want to be part of something huge and amazing, we strongly suggest you register now!

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