The Organizers

GGJ Hamar is a big event, and thus, we need many volunteers to help make it a success. But behind it all are a group of talented and passionate game developers who want to give the experience of GGJ to other like-minded people.

Andreas Fuglessang

Responsibility: Lead Organizer, Sponsors

Andreas is a co-founder of Moondrop, where he works as the CEO and lead programmer. He co-founding Hamar Game Collective and is a guest lecturer at universities from time to time.

Catharina Bøhler

Responsibility: Financial Manager, Sponsors

Catharina has been the CEO of Sarepta since its inception in 2010. She co-founded Hamar Game Collective and was the creative vision for Shadow Puppeteer.

Einar Langfjord

Responsibility: Lead Crew Manager

Einar is the main artist of Progress Interactive where he is currently working on the game Venture. He’s also an art teacher at Innland University of Applied sciences.

Siw Espeland

Responsibility: Lead Event Manager, Lead Marketing

Siw is a co-founder of Encircle Games where she is working as the CEO and programmer. She worked on the game Corroded.

Other organizers

Audun Beck - Representative for Valmuen

Karoline Aske - Graphic and merchendise

Rune Wangen - Food and signup

Jesper Axelson - Tech

Vetle Skagestad - VR Tech and competitions

Gisle Sølvberg - Event Entertainment

Ozan Drøsdal - Event Entertainment