The Organizers

GGJ Hamar is a big event, and thus, we need many volunteers to help make it a success. But behind it all are a group of talented and passionate game developers who want to give the experience of GGJ to other like-minded people.

Håvard Haugrud

Responsibility: Lead Organizer, Financial Manager, Sponsors

Håvard is the CEO of Hamar Game Collective. He loves games, love people that make games, and has a burning passion for contributing to others having success by telling their stories and contributing to their success!

Andreas Fuglesang

Responsibility: Organizer, Speaker

Andreas is a co-founder of Moondrop, where he works as the CEO and lead programmer. He co-founding Hamar Game Collective and is a guest lecturer at universities from time to time.

Audun Beck

Responsibility: Lead Crew Manager, Representative for Valmuen

President of Valmuen Linjeforening and 3rd year student at GameTech, INN.

Siw Espeland

Responsibility: Lead Event Manager, Lead Marketing

Siw A. Hødnebø Espeland is the CEO and co-founder of Encircle Games, an indie game company. She has a bachelor degree in game programming and has been working in the industry for 5 years in fields ranging from management to programming.

Other organizers

Karoline Aske - Graphics and merchandise

Klaudia Krol - Graphics

Tom-Espen Andersen - Web

Rune Wangen - Entertainment

Gisle Sølvberg - Event Entertainment

Anette Rana - Misc

Tom-Ivar Arntzen - Misc